Gbenga Awoyale speaks on the outcome of 2015 election

Date: 2015-04-17

The President General of Orisun Igbomina, Chief Gbenga Awoyale, has disclosed that in democracy the opposition has as a great role to play stressing that we can't wait until 2019 to play such roles.

He said that with this view, the opposition has to start playing it's rightful role immediately adding that the arbitrary and despotic behavior of the government has to be checked by the opposition instantaneously.

According to him, "On this note it's very clear therefore that the role of the opposition party is more vital to healthy growth of democracy and in the larger public interest.

"2015 elections has came and gone but the legacies, effects and memories it left behind will remain for another four years if not forever. Posterity will never forget people like us for we have done extremely well to break the shackles of dictatorship, socio-political slavery, nepotism, poverty and one man show.

"Though, some gluttons, gullible, and anti-progress fellows succeeded in sabotaging our collective selfless efforts, yet forever we shall remain a winner because we see from our own lens, we think from our reasoning faculty, we didn't compromise our beliefs, we stand tall against the hegemony that bends on defining our way of life via politics."

"I'm so happy to have came across refined minds like you, we shall live long to see a better Kwara of our dream where the voice of the masses will be louder, clearer and sweeter than that of a dealer and his cohorts."

He also admonished the governor elect and current of Kwara State, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed to endeavour to justify the confidence reposed in him by election him for a second term in office.

He disclosed that despite the outcome of the poll which was characterized by inadequacies, the freedom struggle is not negotiable in the face of genuine political emancipation by the good people of Kwara.

Awoyale who noted that the PDP family have indeed shown enthusiasm towards freeing the state from the aged-long economic and social bondage has further subjected the people to hardship and financial difficulties in the face electoral misconducts

The PDP chieftain stated this in is congratulatory message to the Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed of the APC stating that there are more challenges that lies on him in the areas of creating an enabling environment for the peaceful co-existence of the the people of the state as well as as genuine 'welfarism'. He therefore opined that if God will use the governor-elect to put smiles on the faces of Kwarans during his second term in his office, there is no doubt that his name will be written in gold. While commending the doggedness courage of all those who stood by the party during the struggle he called on supporters in the sojourn and assured them of his continuous commitment and steadfastness until Kwara State attain Its desired economic status.



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