Kwara traders make brisk businesses ahead Yuletide

Date: 2017-12-15

Traders in Ilorin and its environs in Kwara are making brisk businesses as customers flock different shopping malls, centres and markets for early shopping ahead of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to reports on Thursday, many customers were seen purchasing materials in various shopping malls, centres and similar outfits. Owners of some major shopping outlets in Ilorin said that they had slashed prices of their goods to attract more customers due to the high demand for their goods.

Some popular supermarkets such as Chupet Food and Nuts on Taiwo road and most boutiques have put up sales promotions to attract customers and boost sales.. Some of the customers who spoke said they decided to embark on early shopping to guard against last minute rush and hike in prices of commodities in preparation for the Yuletide .

A customer, Mrs Ronke Aina,who spoke at Oja-Tuntun market said she decided to shop early for Christmas to avoid the frustration that always characterise last minute shopping in the area. “Last minute shopping is always frustrating, especially for those of us that will be traveling to our various towns and villages.

"It is better for us to shop, now that prices are still moderate," she said.

A trader fabric, Mrs Nike Olaolu, stated that she and her colleagues had been making brisk business, because customers wanted to beat the rush hour sales, preparatory to the Yuletide. However, prices of goods at the Oja -Tuntun, Oja -Oba and other markets remained the same in spite the high demand for food stuff and non consumable items.




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