Kumbi Titiloye: Kwara United have no business in Nigeria National League

Date: 2019-09-07

The newly appointed chairman of Kwara United football club, Kumbi Titiloye has said the 'Afonja Warriors' have no business playing in the Nigeria National League so he is doing everything humanly possible to return the club to the Nigeria Professional Football League where he said they rightly belong. The former administrator of Kwara Football Academy also told Trust Sports that youthful but talented players and technical crew members with the prerequisite knowledge and experience have been assembled for the assignment. You have been appointed chairman of Kwara United football club. How challenging is this assignment?

I have my job cut out for me. Kwara United are not where they should be in Nigerian football so my number one concern is to get the team back to the topflight. It is not going to be an easy task because no human endeavour is devoid of challenges. However, I believe with my experience as a football administrator, if I am given the necessary support, we would be able to achieve our dream for Kwara United.

What are the measures you have put in place to turn around the fortunes of the club?

Right now we are doing our best to make Kwara United what it is supposed to be, a professional outfit. We want to do things professionally so that other clubs in Nigeria will learn from us. We may be in the lower league but that is not where we belong so our own approach is going to be different from the rest of the clubs. We are recruiting young boys to blend with tested players in carrying out this assignment. And then we are also re-orientating our technical staff on the meaning of a professional club side. As I keep saying we have no business in the Nigeria National League. We are supposed to be a Nigerian Premier League side. And by the grace of God, we are going to be back in the top division of the Nigerian League. Were you given specific target by sponsors of the club?

My employers looked at my experience and knowledge of the game and told me to reposition the club and take it to the next level. I understand the position of government and the passion of the people of Kwara State for this club and we are working in line with the expectations and aspirations of the founding fathers of the club. Furthermore, going by my passion for the game and insatiable urge to excel, I always want to be at the top. It is for this reason that I am fully committed to taking Kwara United back to the Nigeria Professional Football League. Playing in the lower division of the Nigerian League is not usually easy. How is Kwara United going to cope? Like I said earlier, nothing in life is easy. We are aware of some of these challenges and we are working to surmount every hurdle that we would face in the course of our participation in the league.

You sound so confident but a tree does not make a forest. Would you say you have a formidable team to help you actualise your dreams for Kwara United?

Absolutely, I have board members who are well experienced and committed. We share the same vision for the club. I know it is not possible for me to do it alone. So far we are working hand in hand to succeed. The government diligently picked us for this assignment. Moreover, I donít pretend to own monopoly of knowledge. It is said two good heads are better than one. So what we are doing in Kwara United is team work for quick return of the club to the NPFL.

Were you consulted before your appointment was made and did it come to you as a surprise?

I will say both, in the sense that I knew I was going to get an appointment in sports but I never knew it would be Kwara united. However, when it happened, it didnít take me by surprise because I have lived all my life in sports, particularly in football where I recorded so many achievements. Don't forget I am passionate about youth football development. I once administered Kwara Football academy with results to show. I also had a stint in the famous Abuja Football Academy. So I am well prepared for this present assignment. I believe that by the special grace of God, I will leave Kwara United better than when I came in. How much support are you enjoying from the government that has appointed you? I will say hundred and one per cent. I was not appointed to fail so the government is doing everything to support us to succeed. Moreover, the present governor of the state is a lover of sports and youth development. He is a young man who knows the power of sports and he is ready to give every support to the sector. I believe if the momentum is sustained, there will be a quick turnaround in not only Kwara United but sports in Kwara State in general. Of what significance is your appointment to grassroots football in Kwara State? A lot. Everything is about the youth of Kwara State. We are already working on partnership with international club sides. We are focusing on the education of the youngsters and their football development. It is a new dawn for Kwara youth who are immensely talented in football. How much support are you enjoying from the newly elected board of Kwara Football Association? With the coming of the new administration, they are looking for competent and dedicated hands to move the state forward. This is in all sectors, not only football. So I believe this is happening across board. We have a cordial working relationship which I think is good for football in Kwara State. What informed your decision to bring back Coach Abdullahi Biffo? His antecedents, his qualification and experience is what gave him the job, nothing more, nothing less. And we believe he will give us the technical support we need to return Kwara United to the NPFL.




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