Kwara to Setup Agency to Manage Health Insurance Scheme

Date: 2017-10-09

Kwara State governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed has expressed his administrations readiness to set up an agency to manage the State health insurance scheme.

The governor made this known when he received Prof. Khama Rogo, Lead Health Specialist and Head of the World Bank Group's Health in Africa Initiative and his team at the government house in Ilorin on Monday.

While expressing delight that the health insurance law has been passed, Alhaji Ahmed said a strong agency will be setup with adequate personnel provide strong healthcare service delivery and drive health sector funding away from supply end financing.

Alhaji Ahmed assured that government will not only put a strong agency in place but one that will outlive the administration and be sustainably used to develop healthcare services in the State beyond current levels. He added that the insurance scheme will bring about the right funding into the health sector and not necessarily dependent on the traditional funding window of government businesses.

Governor Ahmed further disclosed that the State government has recognized areas that require infrastructure upscale and has moved to improve on them for a more robust healthcare service delivery.

He promised his administrations readiness to tap into the current potentials that are in the health industry to complement Kwara State healthcare service delivery and make healthcare available to majority of Kwarans under the insurance scheme. He added that the healthcare scheme is in line with the issuance of the Kwara Resident Identification Number (KRIN) which will improve participation, translate to service delivery and complement government's effort in terms of infrastructure and availability.

Earlier in his address, Prof. Khama Rogo stressed the importance of health financing adding that the biggest empowerment any government can give to its citizen is health insurance.

He noted that there is a recommitment to the universal health coverage in order to avail quality healthcare to every person on earth. Prof. Rogo however added that in Africa, the movement is challenging because of the level of development.

He therefore commended the Kwara State government's effort in piloting health insurance and prepaid care through its Community Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)

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