Kwara governor denies buying bullet proof cars for his wife

Date: 2019-10-26

Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq on Friday denied purchasing any bulletproof cars for himself or his wife as alleged by a report in an Ilorin based local newspaper linked to a top opposition leader in the state.

In a strongly-worded letter written to the Editor of the paper and copied to newsmen in Ilorin, Abdulrazaq also gave the medium 24 hours to retract and take down the story from all its platforms, apologise to him, or face legal consequences for the libelous report.

"The said report is entirely false, malicious, and was clearly intended to malign the good image of the governor who has taken public service to a level never seen in this clime before by keeping a profile that is reflective of the state of Kwara and its long-deprived people.

We insist that the story was a fake news and reckless journalism at its worst! Abdulrazaq said in the letter signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaye.

"For lack of any facts to smear him, the reporter committed a libel in the guise of quoting a faceless (anonymous) source when he wrote that: "Why the secret delivery in Lagos and why were they not delivered in Ilorin for all to see? This is someone who pretends by driving himself around in Hilux Van to hoodwink unsuspecting citizens....

Before the delivery of the new set of vehicles, Mallam Abdulrazaq had given the impression of a frugal governor who deprived himself of the luxury lifestyle associated with the office in order to cut cost of governance as he seldom drives himself in Hilux pickup to functions."

This is apart from the fact that the entire story was built around downright falsehood! "As I said in the terse response to the editor and the writer of the story, the Governor has taken no delivery of any bulletproof vehicles, Lexus Jeep or otherwise. The photographs published as proof of such delivery are a figment of the imagination of the reporter.

Anybody could take any shot of any vehicle anywhere and tag it anything. But we insist that Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has taken delivery of no such vehicle. The Governor, as a mark of his modesty, still drives in his personal Lexus Jeep and other vehicles owned by him," he added.




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