Tribute to KAMWIRE at 54. By Arowona Abdulazeez

Date: 2018-10-16
Nation-building is nothing but growing the nation's economy to further improve the wellbeing of vast populace putting many factors into reasonable consideration.

While Nigeria is still battling with putting her numerous natural endowments into efficient usage, many saboteurs sit comfortably on her treasury, thereby subjecting the masses to abject impoverishment.

However, Kings are born and not made by human being. Rescuing the masses from sorrow and wilderness economic misfortune is a patriotic personality, a rare gem, a man with colossus and unprecedented success stories, unique asset of Africa, a quintessential and enigma citizen of the world.

He is Alhaji Kamorudeen Ibitoye Yusuf, a Fellow of Chemical Society of Nigeria (FCSN), Chairman Maunfacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Kwara/Kogi Chapters, President-General/ Cheif Executive Officer of KAM Indutries Worldwide among other designations.

His uniqueness and humility traverse human reasoning. His kindness and patriotism is second to none. He has unique hate for laziness and great passion for rewarding merit with excellence.

Kamorudeen's entire life is a complete replica of that of 'Philosopher Kings' who ruled over the Utopian City of Kallipolis. I have so much respect for him and everything around him.

With his entrepreneurial skills, he built KAM industry from a mere business to become an organization and finally to become a global institution of repute with strong pillars for sustainable growth and development.

He has the full commandments of all his machineries with full knowledge of innovations and human capital development.

His business empire caters for global citizens with many thousands workforce which automatically impacts positively on local, national and international economic developments.

Even while at his peak of Industrial engagements, he finds time to interact with his workers and know all of them by their names and characters as well as work-record and commitments.

Touching the lives of the downtrodden is one of the things that brings joy to his soul. Kamorudeen will never compromise hard work, quality service delivery, competence as well as good conduct/character for a second.

He is indeed a restless embodiment of love, peace, unity, harmony, greatness, humility, perseverance, hard work, tolerance, doggedness, excellence, innovations and among all, he has faith in God.

He is one of the hopes of a better and prosperous Nigeria. He is a genuine gift and asset to this generation and I pray God to elongate his soul, multiply his reward for hard work and continue to guide all his loyal and ever-committed Lieutenants (workforce) who have come this far with him.

Among all, may God bless his lovely wife, children and well-wishers.

Once again, congratulations sir and many happy returns of this great and auspicious moment in good health, wealth and God's multitude blessings.

Abdulazeez Arowona, a journalist writes from Penang, Malaysia via



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