Division in Kwara APC over governor's style

Date: 2019-10-08

Crisis is brewing in the Kwara State All Progressives Congress (APC) over what aggrieved chieftains describe as the style of governor-AbdulRahman AndulRasaq.

The unsavory relationship between the governor and the chieftains are gleaned from comments emanating from some his die-hard loyalists lashing at the aggrieved party members.

Some of these comments and utterances border on caustic diatribes and tantrums at the partyís exco headed by Bashir Bolarinwa.

In the build-up to the March 9 election, it was obvious to watchers that Mallam AbdulRazaq would have problems with his party top hierarchy, should he emerge victorious at the poll.

The APC governorship candidate unilaterally picked his runningmate flagrant disobedience to the choice of the party leadership.

Again, his campaign was scheduled to commence first in Kwara North, but was abruptly aborted, based on alleged security reports. But, party supporters latter learnt that the governor went ahead to kick-start his campaign there eventually.

Since then, both APC and its governorship candidate were carrying out their campaigns separately. Little wonder, at the end of the election, an APC starwalt said: "Kwarans were tired of the political hegemony of the Saraki dynasty, otherwise we would have lost gallantly. We entered into the election with a divided house. We did not spend as much as they spent."

It was also gathered that AbdulRazaq did not spend a dime for the APC campaigns in the state.

Sensing that he had ruffled some feathers shortly after his victory, the governor-elect took his siblings to Bolarinwa's Ilorin house on a thank you visit.

A source at the meeting said that the APC chair there and then "told the governor that what I want is long lasting relationship that is not based on pecuniary interest. The eldest of the siblings assured that the chairman of harmonious relationship."

The source added that "the governor's brother told Bashir the governor will make amends."

Since his emergence the AbdulRazaq has sidelined party executive, carrying out policies without recourse to the party that brought him to power. Indeed the party has been starved of fund. The exco has been using personal money for the running of the party.

It was also discovered that the governor did not consult the party in the compilation of the list of four commissioner-nominees recently sent to the state House of Assembly for confirmation.

To also demonstrate the gulf, it was gathered that the governor and some of the APC governorship aspirants in the state are not in talking terms.

Accordingly, some busy-bodies have latched in on the unhealthy relationship to call for the resignation of Bolarinwa.

The President-General of Orisun Igbomina, Chief Gbenga Awoyale claimed that his call for the resignation of the chaiman is borne out of altruism. He said: "If truly Bolarinwa is a politician as he has claimed and as the Kwara APC chairman who is working with partyís guideline and constitution, why canít he recognise the governor as the leader of the party in the state?

"He publicly embarrassed the governor due to his simplicity. Therefore taking advantage of him unduly. He expects the governor to be spending public fund anyhow without genuine intentions, thereby attacking him and blackmailing him.

This is not our culture in Igbomina land. He was not popular in Kwara politics. He was imposed on us as the APC chairman. He contested against Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed during gubernatorial primary when we were in the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP).

"He failed woefully with just only one vote. None of the delegates from his ward voted for him. Therefore, before you can emerge as the party chairman, you need some level of popularity and acceptance from the people whom you want to front for not emerging on the goodwill of some few individuals who don't share in our political attributes and traditions.

He added: "That is why it is very necessary for him to resign now and allow for a replacement. There is need to study political trends at all levels. President Muhammadu Buhari is from the North, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is form the Southwest and that is why the National Chairman of the party is from Edo State in order to give other regions sense of belonging.

"Let BOB tell me at what time in Lagos State where he has come from has the party produced governor, deputy governor and party chairman in the same local government or region? He deliberately wants to sabotage our democratic process and create enmity among stakeholders in the state."



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