OPINION: Gbemisola is not Bukola. By Femi Ogunshola

Date: 2019-07-25

They are both from the same loin, though different mother, but same blood runs in the duo..

No one has replaced Saraki with Saraki, even twins don't behave same way, Gbemisola is in a class of her own. Gbemi paid the sacrificed for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in kwara and Nigeria, she did the impossible by challenging her blood.

The challenge was real, no faking, no pretence, I had same fear, but my fear alley when I knew better She was all out campaigning for PMB and the party, gathering women in groups, speaking impeccable Yoruba to them on the need to vote the APC

During the Governorship election, I was in their family house to monitor the voting line, she was booed. Bukola Saraki came amidst cheers, shout of Oloye and leader rented the air, he was besieged by crowd of supporters. He left the family house ceremonioudly and zoomed off. But Gbemi, remained unperturbed and unmoved, accomplished by some security agents, she voted and left unceremoniously.

Gbemisola is an epitome of humanity, she is not highhanded, proud, pompous, she relate well, she is a generous giver and extremely compassionate. Even out of power, she still reaches out to the less privilege, empowers the people with tools of trade. This she does across the three senatorial district of the state.

Good governance is all we crave, I will rather have a performer than anyone coning from my household with the intention of enriching self. Allow Gbemisola, Bukola has been politically decimated in kwara and the incumbent Mr Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq is helping people to erase his name from their memory at a geometric progression with his sternly performance. God bless Kwara!



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