My plans for Kwara youths – Gov-elect

Date: 2019-03-31
Kwara governor-elect, Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, says his administration will give priority to critical infrastructure for primary and post-primary education as well as promote moral teaching and counselling to create a new generation of young people.

Abdulrasaq said this on Saturday in Ilorin at a summit for youths in the state with the theme: "Making Kwara Youth a Catalyst for Socio-Economic Development."

Represented by one of his aides, Mr Kale Belgore, the governor-elect said one of the challenges ahead of the administration was how to address the youth question in order to engender growth and development.

"Our administration will pay premium attention to the wellbeing of the youths, among others, as a critical segment of our state.

"Building infrastructure across sectors will be key to attracting investments and employment generation.

"This explains our fixation with building infrastructure given the huge deficit of same across the state, especially in parts of Kwara where investment in agro-processing factories would help jump start the local economy and create jobs, " Abdulrasaq said.

He pledged to run an administration with inclination toward moral rectitude and reorientation while also discouraging drug abuse, thuggery and a culture of unhealthy dependency which stifles socioeconomic growth.

"We will make sure that young people are at all times given ample opportunities to prove their mettle in a deliberate bid to make our youths agents of statecraft and catalysts for socioeconomic development in Kwara and Nigeria as a whole, ” Abdulrasaq added.

Moshood Agbojulogun representing the Joint National Association of People with Disabilities called on the incoming administration to involve members in planning and implementation of initiatives.

He also called for appointment of people living with disabilities into the Abdulrasaq's cabinet, saying they would contribute their quota to the state’s development.




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