Ilorin locked down for Abdulrazak, Buhari

Date: 2019-01-11

Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state was in a virtual lockdown Thursday as thousands of All Progressives Congress (APC) members and supporters joined the governorship candidate, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, to mobilise voters ahead of the general elections.

University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital During the rally, thousands of residents lined the streets and rode in a long motorcade and heavy trucks to convey the APC campaigners amid shouts of "O To Ge' (Enough Is Enough), the party"s campaign slogan in the state. The rally was also dominated by shouts of 'Sai Buhari'. The campaign train took off from Fate end of the state capital and criss-crossed the densely populated areas, like Pata Market, Gambari, Okelele, Abayawo, Omoda and peaked at Pakata, where the party's candidates took turns to address the masses.

"We are committed to end the tyranny in our state. O To Ge! We will ensure workers are paid their dues at the right time. A government that cannot account for trillions of naira of public funds cannot expect to be trusted again," Abdulrazaq told the rally

The APC candidate also laughed off a recent claim by Senate President Bukola Saraki that APC planned to make Kwara a part of the Southwest.

He dismissed the claim as the antic of drowning politicians hanging on a straw.

"If West means Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, but Bukola took Kwara to the West in 2015 when Asiwaju Tinubu was leader of the APC," Abdulrazaq said.

He added: "Their desperate attempt to incite the public against us has failed. Every student of history understands the role my father, A. G. F. Abdulrazaq (SAN), played in 1955 to convince the Willinks Commission on Minorities that Ilorin belonged to the Northern Region. Where was Saraki in those years? Where is his sense of history?"




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