Kwara APC primary: Oshiomhole apologizes to Saliu Mustapha over unauthorized announcement of his disqualification

Date: 2018-11-09

The National Working Committee of the All Progressives Congress has apologized to one of the party's governorship aspirants in Kwara State, Mallam Saliu Mustapha over the unauthorized announcement of his disqualification during the recent Direct Primary Election conducted for the party's governorship election in Kwara State. In an apology letter personally signed and issued to Mallam Saliu Mustapha by the National Chairman of the Party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the party said Mallam Mustapha was cleared by the National Working Committee appointed screening panel as a governorship aspirant to contest for the primary election, but his disqualification was erroneously announced by unknown source when voting was midway.

The Party, according to Comrade Oshiomhole, regretted the embarrassing mischief directed at the governorship aspirant during the primary election by faceless individual.

" The incident at the governorship primary election and the subsequent embarrassing mischief directed at your esteemed person by the faceless individual in the name of the party is deeply regretted"

" The party regards you as an outstanding and loyal stakeholder and leader as we continue to unify and strengthen the party, particularly in Kwara state. I trust that this unfortunate incident will not in any way weaken your resolve to contribute and sustain your valuable support in the shared commitment and determination to collectively work with others to enthrone new political order in Kwara state in 2019 elections ", APC National Chairman said.

He appealed to Mallam Mustapha not to allow the incident that occurred during the primary to weaken his resolve to contribute and sustain valuable support in the shared commitment and determination to wrestle power from the incumbent Peoples Democratic Party in the state in the next year's general polls.

Comrade Oshiomhole however identified Mallam Saliu Mustapha as an outstanding, key stakeholder and leader of the party in the state in the task of unifying and strengthening the party ahead of the polls

While reacting to the letter, Mallam Saliu Mustapha, assured the party of his continued support and loyalty towards ensuring that the Party and its candidates coast to victory in the 2019 general elections.

In a statement issued through his media office in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, the Former Deputy National Chairman of the Defunct Congress for Political Change, noted that though the announcement of the disqualification came as a surprise, but he knew it that it was the handiwork of some desperate politicians who are scared of his emergence as the APC governorship flag bearer due to his acceptability across the sixteen local government areas of the state.

Mallam Mustapha added that his intention to fly the party's governorship ticket was not a do or die affairs, but his desire to serve humanity, fix the dilapidated state, rescue the state from servitude and wrestle power from incumbent Party in the state.

He pledged his support to all candidates of the party in the forthcoming general elections, saying that he would work together with other party's chieftains to ensure the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari and other candidates of the party in the polls.

Mallam Mustapha however apologized to all his aggrieved supporters to take solace and work for the victory of the party.



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