Date: 2018-07-14

Dr. Ali Ahmad is neither the first nor last born (to use the Nigerian parlance) of his parents. His Islamic Scholar Dad is blessed with intelligent and outstanding children. Among them are PhD holders, Medical Doctors, and other Professionals. However, without sounding immodest, Ali Ahmad is exceptional.

In language Education, there exists a Language Acquisition Theory that states that a child well-grounded in his mother tongue would have little or no difficulty in second language acquisition. One is therefore of the conclusion that the Arabic/Islamic Studies background of Ali Ahmad is a key factor in his versatility and eloquence. Having undergone local tutelage in Arabic and Islamic Studies under his father as well as his sojourn at Arabic Teachers College, Jebba, one is left with no doubt that Ali Ahmad’s excellence in Law and, indeed, of general knowledge and English language is a clear testimony to the efficacy of the proponents of the above mentioned Language Acquisition Theory. Ali Ahmad is well versed in Yoruba language, his mother tongue, Arabic, his second language, Law, his profession and English, the official language of Nigeria.

His PhD in Law and rise through the ranks in the academics to the enviable rank of Associate Professor may be viewed by some as a mere happenstance or an achievement that many have recorded. However, his foray into politics courtesy his political mentor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, CON actually brought out to his people in Ilorin Emirate and indeed the good people of Kwara State, the stuff Ali Ahmad is made of. Many thanks to Dr. Saraki for this discovery. It’s however like the discovery of River Niger by Mungo Park. River Niger had always been there, Park only assisted in listing it on the World Map.

Ali's humble beginning in politics starting from his outstanding performance during his days as Special Assistant (Domestic) to Senior Special Assistant (Government House) and later Chief Of Staff, Government House all through which he served as Aide to the Governor were mere child’s play. His appointment to the position of Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Kwara State did a little magic in ‘exposing’ him and bringing his competence to the public glare. His political sagacity however got ‘fully blown’ when he was nominated and later won the ticket for the seat of Honourable Member representing Ilorin East and Ilorin South in the lower chamber of the National Assembly in 2011. He swept the election like no man’s business. His antecedents as well as the favourable political camp worked for him.

The Yoruba however have a saying that, one can only be helped to secure a job; one cannot be helped in carrying out the duties and functions of the job. Ali Ahmad proved his mettle as a fully baked member of the Saraki Dynasty by being above board all through his 4-year stint in the House of Representatives. He never disappointed the Emirate and the State in his assignment as Chairman, House Committee on Justice; neither did he fail the nation in his membership of the famous Farouk Lawan-led House Ad-hoc Committee that probed the Petrol subsidy scam. He was above board all through. Glory be to Almighty Allah.

His 4 year sojourn in the House of Representatives recorded many achievements. Apart from his unblemished membership of the famous Farouk Lawan Committee, Dr Ali Ahmad was reputed to be the foremost member with the highest number of Private Member Bills passed and assented to in the history of Legislature in Nigeria. The popular Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) now being domesticated by States of the Federation happens to be one the numerous Private Member Bills of Ali Ahmad passed and assented to by former President Goodluck Jonathan at the twilight of his administration.

To God be the glory. To be continued.



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