Supporters of Kwara APC stalwarts welcome move to PDP

Date: 2018-02-13

Some members of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kwara have lauded the decision of some stalwarts to quit the party, saying they may join to them move to another party. Mr Sunday Fasanmi, the spokesperson of the APC stalwarts, Mr Olabode Towoju and Mr Tunji Olawuyi made this known while briefing newsmen on Monday in Abuja.

He said the decision of the two party stalwarts to move to another party, specifically to the People's Democratic Party (PDP) was due to the shabby treatments they had been experiencing in the party. Speaking on behalf of the supporters, Fasanmi said the ill treatment of the principle officers of APC in Kwara amounted to betrayal of trust.

The two APC party members Towoju and Olawuyi, contested for the House of Representatives in Irepodun, Isin, Oke-ero and Ekiti Federal Constituency of Kwara at different times. He said Towoju worked assiduously for the party in the state and at the federal level but was shot-changed when the party got into power. "And in spite of the ill treatment, Towoju was not perturbed," he said.

He said the supporters were ready to move en mass if it would provide a viable platform for them to realise their ambition of serving the people. He said Towoju had been very useful to the people of his constituency, particularly his community; hence the supporters would do all within their powers to make his dream come through.

Fasanmi said once the stalwarts gave the supporters the go ahead to move into the PDP, they would not hesitate, stressing that the APC had been unfair and lacking in internal democracy in the state. He said supporters of Olawuyi were also tired of the way the APC was handling him, adding that they also awaiting his directive to invite them to PDP.

"We can no longer be onlookers while people who did little or nothing to help the APC keep running the affairs of the party," he said. He said soon a date would be communicated to the people when they would finally quit the APC in the state, adding that this became necessary to save their political careers.




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