"Women are helpers, not slaves", stop maltreating them – Lawyer

Date: 2017-09-07

A lawyer, Mr Tayo Akanni, has urged government at all levels to lead the campaign against maltreatment of women and make sure the perpetrators are made to face the law. Akanni made the call in an interview with newsmen on Wednesday in Ilorin, saying “women are helpers, not slaves".

According to him, there is the need for women to have adequate protection against any form of maltreatment in view of its psychological effect on them, describing maltreatment of women as evil.

He expressed displeasure at the behaviour of the men who were maltreating women even at the slightest provocation, saying "some Nigerian men have no respect for women".

"Some men will assault their wives in the public not minding the effect. They have that sick mentality that their wives are their property and can be treated anyhow. "When you beat or insult a woman, it sticks to her memory as she will not be able to concentrate and properly carry out her daily activities.

"Women are not slaves. They are helpers. Men must learn to entertain their opinions and stop seeing them as weaker vessels.

"Africans must emulate the western world on how fair a society should be to a woman. Women's rights are well protected in most advanced countries unlike Africa where women are being subjected to slavery," he said.

The lawyer also appealed to journalists and religious leaders to campaign against maltreatment of women in order to move the society to move forward. NAN

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