Filth: Kwara Residents Berate Commissioner for Environment for 'Non-chalant' Attitude

Date: 2016-09-18
Residents of Kwara State have continued to register their grievances over the 'I-don't-care' attitude of the Commissioner for Environment and Forestry, Otunba Taiwo Joseph, towards the filth that has virtually taken over some parts of Ilorin, the state capital. They claimed past commissioners in the Ministry had lived up to the expectation of maintaining a clean environment.

Speaking with our correspondent, a resident of Oko-Erin in Ilorin West Local government Area said for some time now, there had not been dust bin in the area, resulting into the residents dumping and littering the vicinity.

"I don't know what this new commissioner does as our area had not seen Roro bin months ago,which makes the residents to dump in the gutters and this lead to blockage once rainfall," he said.

Also a resident of GRA, which falls within Ilorin South, who simply identified himself as Jude, said the new commissioner had not been doing what is expected of him as he has never been seen demonstrating any act of cleaning in the state since he came on board unlike past appointees of the Ministry.

"I don't think the new commissioner for the Ministry knows what the Ministry is supposed to do, or what past Commissioners does. Permit me to mention his name, Kayode Towoju, during his time the man would lead the cleaning team all around the state including markets. Tell me how people will not be motivated to clean by that attitude?" he queried.

Similarly, a resident of Oja-tuntun, Abdulsalam Ibrahim, said he expected the commissioner to think out of the box on how this waste can be maximally managed as states like Lagos among others does. "I want to urge the Commissioner for Environment to come out of his high office and show us things that can be emulated.

"I believe it's the era of revenue generation and the commissioner should have come up with waste management concepts, which will bring money and tidy up our environment, "he said. Efforts made by our Correspondent to get the response of the Commissioner in question, Otunba Taiwo, Joseph, on issues raised proved abortive.




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