OPINION: Kwarans, Governor Ahmed and the Hospitals. By Oba Abdulkadir La'aro

Date: 2016-05-06

One key area of priority voluntarily imposed on himself by the Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, is health care service. And it a good one. At least, given our low, very low expectation of moderate performance by our elected officers, we can say that the Governor has done well in rehabilitation of selected general hospitals across the state.

The functionality and efficiency of the hospitals is another kettle of fish. The fact that the Ilorin residents for example, don't have to, all the time; worry about how to ferry their sick ones to the skewedly located UITH, is enough psychological relief.

The Governor has done his own. He has done what he intends to do. It is time for citizens, especially those on the Zulkerberg villa, to do their own bit in your beats. Tell us your experience since the rehabilitation of the Offa , OmuAran, Kaima, Ilorin, (where else), hospitals. What is the state of the rehabilitation, how many doctors, nurses, lab officers etc are in the hospitals? How are the employed staff complimenting, or sabotaging the Governor's determination to up our health services. Or are the workers being over worked, are they enough? Tell us the goodies, the ugly, if any, of the general hospitals. Folks, I beg 'una' to relieve Dr Femi Akorede from labouring to tell the story alone. It is also your civic duties to take up the narratives. The buildings of the hospitals look beautiful, may be your experience too is being that beautiful.

Last Line: Kwarans in other towns whose hospitals have not been rehabilitated, are you not envious? If you are, why have you not asked your traditional rulers to embark on the usual pilgrimage to the Government House to press the Governor for extension of the goodies to them. Or those caravan movement are reserved for the electioneering period alone. Nothing happens, if citizens don't make it happens. Docility is a political crime, faa.

Dr. Oba Abdulkadir La'aro lectures at the Department of Mass Communication, Unilorin

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