Re: Otoge to Otuka - how Abdulrasaq frittered the gains of the Kwara revolution

Date: 2021-08-19

One can get carried away reading the write-up by Olukayode Thomas on the above subject matter, except you are conversant with the person of the writer, and the truth.

I would have ignored but for the fact that the records must be straighthened and not to allow the writer potray the noble profession of journalism as jeunjeun.

The pain of not getting political appointment yet shouldn’t be taken to the level of distorting facts to run down a governor, government or any personality.

It is legitimate to seek for appointment as a party member and faithful, but it should be crystal clear that political appointments in most cases answers the call of zoning in addition to competency and qualifications.

If you are not considered today does not foreclose what is obtainable in the immediate future if you remain resolute and loyal to the party.

The bitterness of not getting a political appointments reflects in his comment on the bond transaction which shows his lack of knowledge or lack of professionalism. It is instructive to note that norms for bond issuance is not only the responsibility of security and exchange commission.

Private bonds are legal, which explains why more than 10 states have sought for solution to their pressing needs in the capital market (Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Edo, Plateau, Cross River, Sokoto, Adamawa, even Kwara during the tenure of Bukola Saraki). Also, if it’s not legal, DMO, SEC, federal ministry of finance, etc, will not give approval to invest in it.

Also, on the Offa Grammar School raised by the writer, Offa community reached out to the government and requested that the approval given for the comprehensive renovation of the Offa Grammer School, one of the oldest schools in their community should be reviewed.

The community thereafter proposed that four other schools from within their community should undergo partial renovation.

The reasoning behind this was that a prominent daughter of Offa, Mrs Sarah Alade, had used her influence to get some NGOs to renovate OGS, It is normal and reasonable to assume that the writer is not grounded in Offa or kwara politics.

The above are just used as a pointer to the fact that the writer is out to take back a pound of flesh.

Idris Olatinwo writes from offa.



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