We'll always include youths in our plans: Kwara Gov

Date: 2020-10-03

· Hails young female author

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has said his administration would always prioritise the interest of young people in everything it does, saying he would run an inclusive government for proper development.

The Governor spoke in Ilorin on Thursday at the launch of ‘Of Shades and Colours', a book by Miss Kaosarah Adeyi, a graduate of the University of Ilorin who is renowned for her entrepreneurial zeal.

"We know the role played by Kaosarah and other youths for the change we enjoyed in the state today. The onus is on us not to disappoint the youth and to always include them in what we do. This is exactly what we are doing," AbdulRazaq said, lauding the young author for her personal efforts and commitment to excellence.

"You have embarked on a big journey. Your future is bright. You are a shining example for all of us in Kwara particularly the young people….The future belongs to the youth and if the youth seize the opportunity like Kaosarah is doing it will be a better thing for all of us. She is contributing her own part. I commend her, her immediate community, the university community, and her parents for moulding her to the way she has turned out today."

Represented by Dr. Mohammed Ghali Alaaya, the book launch was chaired by Dr. Alimi AbdulRazaq who is a mentor to the young author.

Subdean of the Student Affairs at the University of Ilorin Dr. Alex Akanmu described parenting as a God-ordained task which should not be taken for granted.

"Becoming a father or mother is a circumstance of physiological transformation but becoming a great parent is a role that must be accepted with all sense of commitment and accountability," he said, referring to how Miss Kaosarah’s upbringing may have shaped her life.

Akanmu lauded the parents of the author for initiating the process of shaping her life, and urged other parents to serve as good coaches, consultants, and partners in progress of their children.

Dr. Ameena Muhammad El-Imam, a university teacher who reviewed the book, observed that it was written in active voice for pleasant reading and is well organised chronologically to narrate her experiences from childhood to adulthood.

The author, Kaosarah Adeyi, explained that she published ‘Of Shades and Colours’ in commemoration of her 24th birthday to chronicle her struggles, fears and victories, while also giving accounts of her stewardship for record purposes.

She said it was also written to inspire and raise a new generation of change-makers in Nigeria, in particular, and Africa in general.

"The inspiration behind putting this memoir together spanned from my story which is that of a typical African child devoid of all luxuries of childhood but rather filled with exposures to various adversities. Growing up wasn’t quite easy for me; it was a mixture of pain and pleasure," she recalled.

"My formative years were characterised by different shades and colours, or, put differently, ups and downs. My life is a reflection of the plight of young people or let me say everyone seated here today: ambitious but limited in a world where everyone strives so hard to succeed."

Kaosarah encouraged young people, especially the girl-child, to learn, reflect, and take a cue from her own humble beginning and several hurdles of life, and be determined to make a good difference.

Rafiu Ajakaye

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

October 2, 2020


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