How virus affects viewing centres in Kwara

Date: 2020-03-18

Residents of Kwara State, especially representatives of some television cable networks and local viewing centres are lamenting the suspension of matches in major European football leagues due to outbreak of COVID-19.

The Guardian observed a drastic drop in the number of customers who usually subscribe to higher premium bouquet in the networks, just as many operators of viewing centres are temporarily out of job.

But attendance at the State Sports Complex Ilorin during local league matches has tripled, as many football enthusiasts in the state see it as a credible alternative, especially at weekends.

A cashier with one of the cable networks in Ilorin, Abiodun Alesagba, said the network has lost several of its regular customers, especially subscribers to European football leagues, who he said, form about 80 per cent of it customers.

He added that most of the outlets of the business were recording low patronage and turn over, lamenting that if the situation does not improve, it could lead to loss of job for most of his colleagues.

Also, an operator of a viewing centre at Sabo Oke area of Ilorin, Kamaldeen Mohammed, who believed that the outbreak of coronavirus, which led to the suspension of football competitions in major European countries should be a pointer for African leaders to begin to develop football leagues on the continent.

Lamenting that the development has created economic downturn for his family Mohammed, a graduate of Statistics from the University of Ilorin, prayed for a quick end to the pandemic to enable him resuscitate his business.

"This is the only business I lean on to sustain my family, especially my three children, who are in the primary school. During our season in the business, when there are high classic games, especially at the crucial stages of European Champions League, I make close to N10, 000 daily."




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