Christmas: Present govt has failed Nigerians, says Saraki

Date: 2018-12-26

The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has decried the level of insecurity and poverty in the country saying that the All Progressives Congress has failed Nigerians.

He described the untold hardship which he claimed the APC has subjected Nigerians to as unprecedented.

Saraki who spoke on Christmas day on a joint live radio programme in Ilorin, Kwara State empathised with Nigerians, especially, the people of Kwara over the sufferings and hardships they were going through particularly at this festive period."

Four Radio stations including Radio Nigeria (Harmony FM) Idofian, Royal FM, Sobi FM and Radio Kwara aired the program.

He said the only antidote to the present precarious economic and security situation in the country is for Nigerians to vote out the APC-led federal government and elect Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party as the nation's president during next yearís general elections.

"Times are very hard for the masses as a result of the level of poverty in the country. Without sentiment, the present government has failed Nigerians. They must, therefore, ensure they vote for a leader that will address poverty and revive the economy, said Saraki.

"Nigerians will vote in February 2019 but the business community has already passed a vote of no confidence on this present government. I, therefore, urge Nigerians to vote out this government and vote a man that will restore investorsí confidence and get Nigeria working again. It is only one party that loves the common people and thatís our party, the PDP, "he stated.

Saraki emphasised that "I'm in politics to serve my people. When I campaigned in 2015, I pledged to Nigerians that my former party, APC will address the issues of insecurity, unemployment and poverty but unfortunately the party has failed on all these three scorelines."

"I thank God Almighty for the position that was given to Kwara as the number three citizen. We have cut across our zonal intervention projects in the state which wasnít possible in the first four years as a floor member at the 7th Senate because ranking members add more value to the community/constituency.

On the home front, the Senate President urged Kwarans not to be deceived by absentee politicians who only come around about six months to election time.

Accusing the opposition elements in the state of insincerity, Saraki challenged them to come out with their programmes for the people of the state.

He listed his numerous intervention projects in the areas of education, power, road construction, water and empowerment schemes scattered across the four local government areas that made up his Kwara central constituency.




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