PDP chieftains task members in Kwara on unity, dedication

Date: 2018-02-12

Chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara have called on members of the party in the state to be united and dedicated for the party to emerge victorious in 2019 elections.

The chieftains made the call on Sunday in Ilorin while speaking at the official commissioning PDP secretariat in Ilorin West Local Government located in Geri Alimi.

Alhaji Atanda Sooro, an elder of the party appealed to PDP members to be united as it was only through unity that the party can be victorious.

He urged the members to forget about their past differences and come together to forge a formidable force to fight the electoral battle come 2019.

"It is only when we are united that we can win election, in 2015, we were divided and we lost woefully; let us be united as a party to face our number adversary.

"PDP was united in the Nov 18, 2017 local government elections and we surprised our opponents, it is unity that can get us to our destination,"Sooro added.

The PDP chieftain also appealed to members not to allow external forces infiltrate into their fold with the purpose of causing disaffection among members.

He commended the leadership of the state Chairman, Iyiola Oyedepo for restoring peace in the party and advised all members to work for the progress of the party.

In his remark, PDP chairman in the local government, Alhaji Suleiman Abubakar Omotoso commended people of Ilorin West in the local government for voting massively for PDP in the Nov 18, 2017 local government elections.

He appealed to the people to keep hope alive and continue to support the party and vote massively for PDP candidates in 2019 elections.

Omotoso said the LG executive would not rest on its oars, adding that the LG executive members were poised to embark on aggressive membership drive.

To achieve this, the LG chairman said he would soon embark on tour of all the 12 wards in the local government to sensitise the people on the need to join and support PDP ahead of 2019lelctions.

"I will organise a retreat for women and youth in the local government where they will be enlightened on their rights and responsibilities during elections," Omotoso added.

Omotoso therefore appealed to the people of the local government to collect their Permanent Voter Card (PVC), adding that PVC is the only weapon left to the masses to chase away bad government in the state.

He also called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to create additional registration enters in the local government.

According to the chairman, the only registration center at Ipata Oloje was not enough to cope with the number of prospective voters wishing to register.

The chairman of Sobi FM in Ilorin, Alhaji Lukman Mustapha, speaking at the commissioning said the time has come for the people of the state to take their destiny in their hands and chase away the non performing government.

Mustapha added that PDP members in the state should come together as one and work for the success of the party in the state.

"When we are united, we will work as one family, but when we are divided, our center will not hold; so in unity we stand to win," he said.

He said it was unacceptable to the people of Kwara that 50 years after the creation of the state, there is no pipe borne water in Ilorin and other towns of the state.

"When I was a child in 1976, government used water tankers to dispense water to the people, 42 years after, APC government is still using water tankers to deceive the people, we cannot be deceived again," Mustapha said.

According to him, a government that cannot provide water to the people, cannot pay full salary to workers and provide other basic needs has no business being in government.

Mustapha therefore called on the people to be united in their resolve to chase away the government and vote for PDP candidates in 2019.

PDP chairmanship candidate in the Nov 18, 2017 LG elections, Alhaji Musbau Esinrogunjo commended the people of the local government for voting massively for him during the election.

He assured the people that he will surely reclaim his mandate stolen by the APC through the connivance of the state electoral body.

Esinrogunjo however appealed to PDP members and the entire people on the local government to be united and resolute in their determination to ensure PDP victory in 2019 elections.




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