I will expose sponsors of crisis in Kwara PDP after convention - Chairman

Date: 2017-12-06

Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state, Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, has said that he will expose sponsors and insider collaborators of externally induced schemes against the party in the state after the national convention of the party this weekend.

Speaking at a reception organized by leaders, elders and members of the party after his confirmation as the PDP chairman in the state by NEC, Akogun Oyedepo called for unity among members, saying that, "never again should we allow our party to be so destroyed by needless and meaningless struggle for the soul of the party".

It is recalled that the main opposition party in the state was embroiled in crisis for two years and eight months before the November 14, 2017 Congress that produced Oyedepo as the new chairman.

"The election of November 14 was designed by God to terminate the deep hostility among us. The outcome was balance, that the two divides in our party are well represented in the executive. If the leaders of the two groups were locked up in one room to share the positions, we could not have achieved what the Congress achieved for us.

"In our constitution, the Congress is the people. Therefore, the people have spoken. We should be good Democrats to accept the verdict of the people. I promise as the leader of this party to use what we have to cement relationships in the party.

"We really have no time to waste again. I want to assure you that after the national convention of our party on December 9 and 10, shall hit the ground running. There will be no time for endless reconciliation designed only to waste the time in any case is not there. We shall expose the sponsors and insider collaborators of any external induced schemes designed to distract us from our goal", he said.

The PDP chairman, who urged members to forget the past in order not to live with the pains of era of the crisis, said that, "we need to forgive the past even if we cannot forget it".

"Indeed we may not be able to forget the past, but because we are at threshold of history, let the past only teach us a lesson that we need not walk that way again. This is indeed a time to build. We have lived for too long on the crisis, let us move", he said.


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