Kwara, firm train youths on career development

Date: 2017-10-11

The Kwara State government, in conjunction with a consulting firm, Resource Intermediaries Limited, is training no about 250 youths on career development. The training is aimed at making them employable. The two day workshop is themed: Employability, Advancement, Solution for Youths (EASY).

Secretary to the State Government Isiaka Gold, who opened the training, emphasised the need for entrepreneurship and skill acquisition among youths in the country.

According to him, the country's educational system is ill-equipped to prepare youths for the labour market. He added that the programme will prepare participants for capacity building and sustainable job placement, expose them to character for career development, mastering the art of interview, running of successful businesses, problem-solving and decision making skills, among others.

Gold urged the youths to use the opportunity wisely, saying "it is through these that you can help yourselves out of poverty and create opportunities for other youths". Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Youth Empowerment Saka Babatunde said the dynamic nature of the employment market accounted for youths'inability to secure employment, adding that only few people who are skilled, creative and innovative, could excel in the process of job placement.

"As young graduates, it is important that youths make themselves marketable so that potential employers will hire and pay them well. The Employability Advancement Solution for youths is, therefore, an approach known in recent time as one of the best strategies to prepare the mindset of the youths for best skills and aptitude in facing the current employment challenges," he said.


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