Kwara women set to take position in new administration

Date: 2019-06-07

As Kwara State is poised for a paradigm shift in governance, women in the state are also gearing up to demand for their rightful place in the new administration. This has led to calls on the newly inaugurated government to embark on capacity building for women so as to have a sizeable number of them contributing to policy making in the state.

It is noted in this regard that where women get things right in the society, because of their huge roles, the development of the people would have recorded a major shift. Speaking at an interactive session with Kwara women in Ilorin, recently, the convener of 'The Original Woman', Hajia Aisha Ahman Patigi, said the motive behind the session was to get women together, interact with them and know the root cause of their challenges, and then provide solution to them.

She also said she would use the forum to educate women on their roles and work. (Women have so much power but are not utilising it. Why women struggle is because we don't know our potentials. We have to wake up and see how we can start a movement. We want women to accept their roles as prescribed by nature. We also discovered that most women are struggling against the tide of nature.

"If women get it right, society will get it right. I am not against women being in power but how to utilise the power vested on us. It shouldn’t be about struggle between a man and woman,( Patigi said. She added that as Kwara State is planning to have a facelift, she wants to focus on changing women's perspective to give them the right thinking and information that will assist them in their pursuit.

"If there is no change in perspective, go to the root of the challenges and find solutions. It may be difficult to change the narratives. I support the 35 percent affirmative and want women in appointive positions to be able to contribute to policy making; having women more engage,” she said. She urged women to come together since the new governor has promised a paradigm shift from the usual experience of women in the hand of government, adding that there is going to be change for women in the present administration of the state.

One of the participants at the session, Mrs Funmi Adefilo Osiegbu, reminded the gathering of powerful women in the history of the world and those mentioned in the holy books that have great impact, adding that women are powerful and there is a role assigned to them, and that they must stand up to the role.

"If men misbehave and don't have value for women, women are the cause because we didn't raise the men well. Women must stand up and be that original woman we are supposed to be," Hajia Aisha said.




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