Date: 2019-04-14

I didn't believe it when one of my colleagues who know how passionate I am about Kwara State and who had always followed the political developments in my state even more than hers called my attention to a trending news she read about the subject matter. I quickly requested for the link because I don't want any misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the language in form or context.

Since I read that piece I've been stressfully controlling my anger and belligerence. So many varied interpretation came to mind from saying, you people of Kwara are all stupid and ungrateful, blind and unappreciative.

The narrative also reminded me of the notorious rumour of the dirty slap from the Governor General to the Governor and I immediately appreciate the feelings and the temperament of the G.G which resulted in to such un statemanly behaviour. Like, how can you be so stupid? How can you be so daring? I'm specifically miffed and outraged because this is the beginning of standing history on it's head and if care is not taken some bigots will attempt stamping it as the orthodox reflection of the situation. I still probed myself further, painstakingly purging myself of bias and sentiments wondering if Governor Ahmed was comparing his tenure with that of his immediate predecessor ? even at that he should keep his tail between his legs with his head down in total shame. Here we are being told of leaving Kwara better !

General Yakubu Gowon came to the State during the burial of Col. David Lasisi Bamigboye and he was still able to remember with striking vividness the streets in Ilorin. Gov. Ahmed lived in Kano like we all did and within a spade of little time you will miss your way time and time over given the profound physical infrastructure that are so aesthetically welcoming in Kano state. I don't want to talk of our neighbouring states from the west here. You now begin to wonder wherefrom did he see the dream of the state in reference, from the realm of hallucinatory sub consciousness? Or the police barrack delinquent life, that confronts you with a lie and bonefacedly standing by it? Otherwise, how can a government that can't pinpoint to a block, I mean one single 6" or 9" block in place anywhere in the State in his first four years make such blatant claim ? How can a government whose physical development priority is filling potholes and for eight good years, such ("huge projects")could not be accomplished stand unashamedly to tell us of leaving Kwara better than he met it.?

Has he forgotten so soon how he stupidly in confusion tried to hide behind a finger when some years back as commissioner for finance covered his massive edifice of fraud with tapolin consequent upon a visit from the EFCC ?

Maybe that's leaving Kwara better?

Who is foolish, we or him, or them?

Very recently Kwara "celebrated" fifty years of its creation, specifically in 2017 and "commissioning" were done . I stand to state that more than 70% of the "commissioned" projects were fraud. Of a particular interest to me was the road to my village in Megida; a road that was 25 km was "commissioned" but only one km was tarred. Such is the gargantuan legacy of embezzlement, mismanagement of fund and daylight fraud perpetually perpetrated by the gangsters. And you tell us of leaving Kwara better than you met it?

What makes Kwara better please?

Is it the abundance of harvest from the controversial farm? Is it the amputated salary being paid and being owed the hapless Kwara State Civil Servants.

Is it the tarred road or sorry the patched roads done and undone ?

Is it the ever flowing water direct from our pipes? Is it our lands that have been revoked and resold to loyalists.?

Is it the desecration of public schools, primary, secondary and tertiary.? Is it the fact that there's no record that harmony holdings and harmony advanced diagnostic centre remit to Kwara State Government account TSA account ?

Is it the ridicule that our traditional institutions being brought to. Or is it the white elephant projects and the duo conveyor pipes projects meant to justify the huge loans and debts already stolen?

Is it the light up Kwara or light up Ilorin projects in which billions of Naira has been sunk ? Incidentally, a friend of mine solely and for which the entire community of Osi is grateful constructed such streetlights, so . . !

Let Governor Ahmed be reminded that Kwara is beyond him as a State and Kwara State is peopled by men and women of means, substance and integrity far from which any of them can match. How dare you insult us in that manner then? In a State where a local government has more than one hundred professors within and in the diaspora contributing appreciatively to the development of already developed economy. Including Professors, the first of their kinds in their chosen field with world renowned researches and world acclaimed recognition.?

Last line

If it befits anyone to belittle the dier , it does not a bed wetter.

Governor Ahmed should come to terms with the reality that his and his predecessor's government is the worst in the history of the state. Their sixteen years of governance is the most regretful and abysmal in the history of the State and there's no delineation between the two; after all it was a government of "continuity". Sadly so.

Maybe he is not aware of the derogatory nomenclature his government has attracted to itself which out of respect I will not put down here .

But he too should respect the state and stop poking stick and salt on our injury especially during this injury time.

We are aware of the brazen attempt at perfecting the books , like requesting the VC KWASU to sign for unreleased subvention since 2009. Ditto with other tertiary institutions in the State.

"Perfection" in local government is the most bizzare , there's no how such books could be successfully cooked. Just a matter of time.

And say: " The truth has come , and falsehood has vanished. Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish by its nature " Q 17:81



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