NSCDC arrests 115 in Kwara

Date: 2018-12-22

The Kwara Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) on Friday said it had arrested 115 suspects for different offences since January.

The State Commandant of the NSCDC, Adeyinka Fasiu, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in his office in Ilorin.

Mr Fasiu said the command arrested 115 suspects for 10 different crimes committed, with most of them settled out of court while some were undergoing court processes.

"We were able to settle some cases out of court; a total number of 78 arrests were settled through the Alternative Dispute Unit," he said.

The Commandant further said that the rate of crime in the state was worrisome, especially among the youth with most of those arrested below 30 years of age.

“Most of these boys are products of broken homes in which the parents are divorced and there is no proper arrangements for the children’s upkeep, so they end up dropping out of school and joining bad gangs.

"Some parents and guardians also have nonchalant attitude toward their children and so they do not counsel them and guide them right.

"This is resulting in most youth misbehaving and getting involved in criminal activities," he said.





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