Insecurity: Industrialist advocate support for community policing

Date: 2018-12-12
The Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN), Kwara/Kogi Chapter, Dr. Kamorudeen Yusuf, has described community policing as capable of encouraging collaboration between the police and community.

He added that it will also enhance identification of security challenges in the neigbourhood and proffers workable solutions as against traditional method.

Dr. Yusuf who is also the Chief Executive Officer of KAM industries Nigeria Limited stated this on Tuesday during the commissioning of the new KAMWIRE police station located at Jimba-Oja, Ifelodun local Government area of Kwara State.

Represented by the Vice Chairman of the Company, Dr. Bolanle Yusuf, the frontline industrialist further stressed that "Community policing will provide an expanded outlook on crime control and prevention. While, crime control and prevention remain the central priority to both, in Community Policing, the Police and the Community members become active members in addressing the problem of crimes / insecurity, disorders or neglect which can include gang activities, abandoned houses/ware houses, abandoned cars/vehicles, bushes in the neighbourhood which can serve as (criminal hideouts) and subcultures among others.

"These are activities that may not be defined as criminality in the early stage but may later metamorphose into criminality insurgency type. As the link between Police and Community members the underlying causes of crime. May I use this opportunity to advise they will have more resources available for crime prevention activities instead of being forced into an after the fact response to crime' that we have been experiencing.

"The good people of Jimba-Oja community are peace loving people but as we all know, for every 12 apostles, there is a Judas (misfit). Therefore, this police station is to serve as watch tower against the few misfits in our midst who will now and henceforth think twice before going against the law. The arm of the law is no longer short to catch them."

She however maintained that, "we are seeing the official opening of this complex which promises to bring more meaning to community development and enhance not only a safe environment but a more vibrant commercial life.

The building houses a front desk, offices for crime, officers administration and Head of the Crime unit, an Armory and Guard rooms or Holding cells. There are ample spaces in front of the station for parking. We have also ensured that the conveniences provided are modern."

In his remarks, the Commissioner of Police in Kwara State, CP Bolaji Fafowora, disclosed that the part of the challenges facing the force would have been a thing of the past if such gesture can be emulated by all and sundry.

He however assured that the facilities will be put into good use and also become a pride to KAMWIRE , the community and the police.

"Lives and property of the company in particular and Jimba-Oja community in general shall well be protected, with the available Human Resources and materials at our disposal", he added.

Meanwhile, the traditional ruler of Jimba-Oja, Alhaji Jimoh Akanni Oyewole, thanked Kam groups for the police station and assured the entire community of continuous harmonious working synergy with the newly sited factory.



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