Stop Politicizing Offa Robbery Attacks, IEDPU Warns Police

Date: 2018-06-12

The llorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union (lEDPU) yesterday warned the Nigeria Police against politicizing the alleged involvement of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki in the April 5, this year armed robbery attacks on banks in Offa.

The union which is the umbrella body of all socio - cultural associations in Ilorin Emirate in Kwara state noted that no matter the weight of an allegation, it still remains an allegation until proven otherwise in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Addressing newsmen in Ilorin, state capital, the IEDPU president, Ambassador Sheikh AbdulAziz, however, charged the police to be thorough, professional, transparent, fair and just in their investigations on the matter.

AbdulAzeez who described Saraki as a peace loving leader who always prioritise the welfare of his people recalled that the Senate President while serving as the governor of Kwara state, assented to laws which prescribed stiff penalties for cultism related offences.

He added that in recent times, the Kwara state governor, Alh AbdulfatahAhmed had equally signed some bills into laws to deal with cultism, sales of human parts, kidnapping and other related crimes.

He further described Saraki as an illustrious son of llorin Emirate who has a name, reputation and enviable antecedents to uphold, promote and protect.

" We, therefore, believe very strongly that he would not condescend to the mean level of being associated with either cultism or robbery".

While urging the Senate President to remain calm and continue the good work he and his colleagues in the National Assembly were doing for the country, AbdulAzeez called on all indigenes of the state to be supportive of and prayerful for the Senate President and Governor Ahmed in this trying period.



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