2019: Don't sell your conscience to politicians, COSFAN warns

Date: 2018-03-11

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, there came yesterday a word of advice to the Nigerian youths.

A global organisation, Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows Alumni Association, Nigeria (COSFAN) cautioned the youths to be wary of politicians, who were out to induce them.

Addressing Journalists in Ilorin as part of activities lined up for 2018 Commonwealth Day celebration, the General Secretary of COSFAN, Dr (Mrs) Biola Adimula, urged the youths not to fall prey for the political baits and dispose their conscience.

Mrs Adimula said every citizen must have sense of the country to have credible polls in the next political dispensation.

She admonished Nigerians to take the advantage of the ongoing continuous voter registration to obtain their Permanent Voter Card in order to prepare themselves for the elections.

Urging the youths to shun hooliganism, Mrs Adimula said it was incumbent on them to identify with people with integrity and those that would deliver.

She also called on them to support every measure that would ensure credible electoral processes in the country, pointing out that Nigeria should be seen setting a pace.

"For Nigeria to have a good election during electoral period, I think what is most important for all of us is diligence and to believe in the cause of Nigeria, particularly by having a sense of Nigeria.

"We can do this by making sure that we collect our PVC and elect people that we believe, would represent our interests during the elections. And people should stop collecting items and selling their conscience to people that are not supposed to be there.

"Some of us know the people of integrity and the people that would deliver. We know that electoral processes require active participation of our youths; they should be sensitised a lot to know that a time for election is not a time for hooliganism. It is a time to sit back and choose leaders that will take them to the next level", Mrs Adimula said.



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