Entrepreneur advocates use of Ankara materials for school uniforms

Date: 2018-02-12

A concerned Nigerian and President , Africa Grassroots Women Empowerment Foundation, Igbeti in Oyo State, Mrs Ramatu Gbadamosi has called on all tiers of Government and private school Proprietors to make use of Ankara materials for school uniforms so as to revamp most of the moribund textile industries in the country.

According to her, such initiative would also create jobs for the unemployed youths in the country .

Mrs Gbadamosi made the suggestion in Ilorin , the Kwara State capital while answering questions from newsmen.

She expressed concern over the decline and deteriorating condition of textile industries in the country and dependence on foreign materials at the detriment of our locally produced materials.

The President of the Foundation therefore urged the National Assembly and the various state houses of assembly to make it mandatory for all schools in the country to adopt the use of Ankara materials that are produced locally in Nigeria as their uniforms.

Mrs Gbadamosi similarly called on the Federal Government to create an agency for the widows particularly the young ones among them whom she regretted are suffering and un catered for adding that such agency would take care of their various empowerment programmes, skill accusation , establishment of Agro industries and getting a revolving loan facility for the upkeep of their children .

She challenged politicians to concentrate more on providing the electorate the much needed dividends of democracy rather than embarking on frivolous programmes and that Nigerians should stop talking about ethnic differences but rather speak as a united citizen and love one another.

Mrs Gbadamosi appealed to Nigerians to return to God and shun this idea of blaming one other or the government over poor performance but rather join hands to uplift the nation to an enviable height.



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