Ilorin Muslim Community to exhume corpse of man killed by lightening

Date: 2017-10-11

Members of the llorin Muslim Community in Kwara on Tuesday said they would exhume the corpse of a civil servant killed by lightening on September 20, in Oro, lrepodun Local Government Area.

The Coordinator of the llorin Muslim cemetery and a lecturer in the University of llorin, Abubakar Aliagan, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in llorin.

Mr. Aliagan said that the llorin Muslim Community had perfected arrangement to exhume the corpse to give him proper Islamic burial.

NAN reports that the victim, a 47-year old Salami Adekunle, who was a staff of the Kwara College of Education, Oro was buried at a Christian cemetery, Okeose on September 21.

Mr. Adekunle was buried after his body was rejected at the Muslim cemetery in llorin.

Mr. Aliagan, however, said that the corpse was rejected for burial at the llorin Muslims cemetery on September 21 following the refusal of spiritualists to allow the dead body undergo prayer and bath ritual in the Islamic way.

Mr. Aliagan said that the llorin Muslim Community had secured court injunction with the approval of the state government and police permit to carry out the exhumation for the reburial at the llorin Muslim cemetery in accordance with Islamic injunctions.

The coordinator said that the Pathologists at the University of llorin Teaching Hospital, who would carry out the exhumation within the shortest time had been officially contacted.

On whether the family of the deceased will be briefed on the action, he said the family members were not part of the new arrangement since they had succumbed to the earlier burial.

The don said that the decision of the llorin Muslim Community to exhume the corpse and re-bury it in the Islamic way was justifiable since he died as a Muslim.

"We as Muslims have the moral duty to protect our brother who died as a Muslim but we were initially incapacitated when his family and the management of the College of Education, Oro allowed some ritualists to take over," he said.

The late Salami Adekunle, who hailed from llesha in Osun before his death by lightening was a staff at the Registry Department of Kwara College of Education, Oro.


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