FG Distracting Saraki with Court Cases Speaker

Date: 2016-10-05

Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, Ali Ahmad has accused the Federal Government of distracting Senate President, Bukola Saraki with court cases.

Ahmad said the last one and half years of Saraki's senate presidency has been characterized by one form of court case or the other thereby distracting him from carrying out the enormous responsibility of his office.

The speaker made this observation in Ilorin in his welcome address at the resumption of plenary by the assembly. He said the legislators are advocates of anti-corruption whose stance on the eradication of the menace in the nation remains unwavering.

According to him, perpetrators of corruption should be brought to book in accordance with laid down procedures, insisting that anything other than that was "fighting corruption with corruption".

He observed with displeasure that the nation was currently bedevilled with pyramids of economic challenges and enjoined the Federal Government to exert its energies towards addressing the ongoing round tripping in forex market rather than chasing shadows.

The Speaker explained that the current government owes the electorate the duty of providing basic infrastructure and above all food at affordable cost, saying that the continuous persecution of the Senate President on allegations that are not substantiated or which so called investigations are still ongoing, was distracting.




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