Date: 2016-11-17


I feel highly honoured and privileged welcoming you all to this important but unique occasion of the inauguration of the caretaker committee. As you are all aware that the new chairman of various local government Areas in kwara state were inaugurated by Executive Governor of kwara state Dr Abdulfatai Ahmed, yesterday. Impliedly we are expected to start our level. This gave us the leverage to come to terms with reality of swearing in the new member of Ilorin west local government caretaker committee, so as to hit the ground running in the area of development.

Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to congratulate the newly sworn in care taker committee member for beenboicked among avalanche of highly qualified individuals. It is very important to see your appointment as a rare privilege and a call to service. It is this in mind that you can spur the inherent spirit of selfless service to the people of ilorin west local Area. You must all come with a mind set of positively repositioning the council to met the yearings and aspirations of the people. It is against this background that patriots will see you as the true representative of your people. You must all steer clear off bigotries, backbiting and corruption. If there is any mystery you can not unravel, do not hesitate to come and get first hand information from my office.

At this juncture , I must emphatically state that , this government would employ standard practice, transparency and strict accountability in the evolution and execution of government policy and programmes, as these are hallmarks of Good governance and modern democracy. We will have listening ears for constructive and development criticism that would add value to our growth and development in all areas of humam endeavors. How ever. The council would not welcome anachronistic concept aimed at derailing the council or to run any individual or group down

To our political class, I want to reiterate that, this administration would do everything with in the ambit of the law to ensure that your interest do not suffer and we will always reach out to you in unprecedented manner that would always stabilize the policy. It is on this premise that we stretch our hand to fellowship to all, so as, to carryvalonf and pull you into our morning train for us all to take Ilorin west to the promise land together.

To our Roy fathers you are the custodian of our values, customs, culture and traditions. We will be receptive to you useful advise and drink from you cauldron of native wisdom that placed us in the safe haven when governance was completely rested at your doorstep. Your issue will always be given the deserved attention.

All over the world, civil servant are the engine room of any responsible and responsive administrative. My administration will reward hardwork and make your welfare top priority and front line charge.without good motivation, the best cannot be gotten , thus this council would within the resources at its disposal encourage you to give the best in your productivity level . In addition, this administration is seeking for you unflinching support and cooperation in the formulation and execution of government policy. We are equally imploring you to make cardinal cities your watch word and ensure that you adhere strictly to the level service rules and regulations.

In conclusion , I, am saying without mincing word or being rhetorical, that my administration Would maintain open door policy and welcome suggestion that will take Ilorin west local government area to greater heights, so keep flooding my office with modern ideas that will grow us individual, collectively and local government at large. Do not come to my office to destroy anybody as I will invite who you provide information about.

Finally, I want to commend the organisers of this event for a job well done and wishing you all a happy say and God mercy journey back to your various destinations.

Thanks and God bless


Hon Abdul-hameed oladipupo Alli (Mr Nigeria )

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