Dead body dumped by roadside in Eyenkorin

Date: 2014-06-11
An unidentified middle-aged woman lifeless body was found by the roadside along Eyenkorin road, a suburb of Ilorin on Monday with a suspicion that she might have been dumped at the spot by suspected ritualists.

It was gathered that the corpse which was found with a noose on her neck and one leg cut-off, created the suspicion that she might be a victim of ritual killers. Just few days ago, a member of the Kwara State council of National Union of Road Transport Workers was allegedly kidnapped by suspected ritualists in Ilorin and was taken to an unknown destination with the intention of using him for fetish purpose.

However, providence came his way as he was later dumped somewhere around Eyenkorin when he could not be used for the purpose for which he was taken.

When City Rove visited the scene at about 6pm on Monday, the corpse was found laying helplessly by the roadside facing down with one leg cut-off and all parts of the body mutilated.

A taxi-cab driver, who craved anonymity told our correspondent that the corpse might have been dumped in the dead of the night or in the early hours of Monday by suspected ritual killers to avoid being identified by passersby.

He said; "That area (Eyenkorin) is posing a serious security threat these days. I want to believe that the corpse was dumped either on Sunday night or in the early hours of Monday. The area is my usual route. When I plied the area in the Morning of Monday, I saw the body there and everybody started saying that this might be the handiwork of ritualists.

"We have to call our security agencies to be up and doing and bring to book, those perpetuating this heinous crime in our society".

However, another respondent around the area noted that the victim might have been crushed by a hit and run driver, just as he urged the concerned authority to evacuate the lifeless body on time before the area is polluted with stench that might be oozing from the decomposing body.

The Kwara State Police command spokesperson, Mr Ajayi Okasanmi, who confirmed that the corpse was laying by the roadside, however denied that the the victim was killed by the ritualists.

He said the reports reaching him indicated that the victim was killed by a hit and run driver, adding that the concerned quarters had been informed to ensure quick evacuation of the corpse.

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