Tradition Rules our Fashion Choice - Hajiya Amina Sambo, Sarah Jibrin

Date: 2012-12-08

Nigerian women like to go traditional when it comes to weddings, cultural or religious ceremonies. Some also prefer to cover up according to their religious beliefs. Whatever the choice a woman makes, she should know what suits her best and how to put it together to look beautiful and elegant writes AMINA ALHASSAN AHMAN. These two prominent Nigerian women have what it takes to maintain tradition and style.

Amina Sambo: Conservative and Beautiful
There is no denying the fact that Her Excellency, Hajiya Amina Namadi Sambo, wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a very beautiful lady.She is also very conservative in dressing. Despite her position as the number 2 Lady of the nation, she is all about being moderate and anywhere she goes, whether it's a State function home or abroad, Amina Sambo projects the image of a woman who is confident with herself and what she wears.

Dressing modestly is a challenge in today's world and as a religious woman who knows the importance of being decent at all times, Hajiya Amina Sambo encourages Nigerian women to dress decently and modestly in order to secure their respect in the society.

Her Abaya
It comes as no surprise that the Abaya is popular with Hajiya Amina Sambo. Abayas are a sort of cloak worn over clothing by some women in Islamic areas such as the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and North Africa, and now become very popular among women in Nigeria. The loose garment is part of dressing modestly, as set forth in the Quran. Abayas may be all black and plain, or they may be colourful with decorations and embroidery.

Practicing what she preaches, she wears the Hijab and is living proof that you can look beautiful and fashionable, yet decent when you are all covered up.

Sarah Jibrin: It's All about Tradition
When we talk of women who love anything that is traditional, then we have to mention Dr Mrs Sarah Jibrin, the four-time presidential aspirant, now Special Adviser to the President on Ethics and Values. She definitely stands out in any traditional attire made from Ankara, lace or jacquard which she is often spotted wearing. Without being told, one can see that she is proud to wear them anytime, anywhere.

A Nupe and indigene of Patigi, Kwara State, perhaps what Sarah Jibrin apart is her penchant for keeping her clothes simple and uncomplicated with the native iro and buba(wrapper and a loose neck blouse, usually with long sleeves). The style originates from the Yorubas but has also been adopted by the Nupe's. She completes this with her edeko and gele, a woven two-piece cloth used as a wrap and headtie.

Her Black beads
As with a lot of Nupe women her age, her love for black beads cannot be mistaken. Called enyigi or ankaaka in Nupe, these are Sarah's favourite piece of jewellery; her outfit is never complete without the long traditional bead and earrings set. They are simple, made from glass and have been a popular accessory with older Nupe women for centuries.




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