Kwara community sacks high chief for alleged insubordination

Date: 2020-06-27

Angry indigenes of Isanlu-Isin, an agrarian community in Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State yesterday sacked high chief, Ologba of Isanlu-Isin Olaniyi Alade for alleged insubordination, arrogance and anti-development actions.

Alade, who is the third in the hierarchy to the Olusin of Isanlu-Isin, Oba Solomon Oloyede hails from Ile Ologba clan of the community.

Before his dethronement, scores of his kinsmen and women from Ile Ologba clan had earlier in the day staged a peaceful protest to the monarch's palace demanding for his removal over alleged poor representation and high-handedness.

In their separate remarks, his fellow high chiefs in the community unanimously agreed that he had been a disappointment to the council of chiefs in the community.

Oba Oloyede also warned the deposed high chief to stop parading himself as Ologba or risk being arrested by law enforcement agents.

The monarch added that the removed high chief had been a controversial person.

Oba Oloyede said: "A group of people from the Ile Ologba clan came to lodge a complaint against Chief Olaniyi Alade for allegedly working against the progress of the clan.

"The protesters also alleged that the former Ologba chief in his almost 20 years as high chief failed to nominate any one for chieftaincy title. They claimed that Alade used his position to intimidate, oppress and willfully dispossess people of their land.

When approached for comments by reporters, the deposed chief zoomed off in his sport utility vehicle (SUV). "His antics and arrogance affected the peace and serenity of the whole Isanlu-Isin community. His fellow high chiefs also lodged the same complaint against him. When asked to defend himself, Alade could not offer any explanation; instead he wanted us to postpone our today's verdict.

"We have no option than to remove him from being a high chief toforestall him from continually desecrating our culture and causing disaffection amongst the community members.

"He is not the first Ologba from that clan. Previous Ologbas used to support the monarch for the progress and development of the community.

But in his own case the very day he was pronounced as Ologba he created problems in the community and his clan by saying ‘Ologba’ owns the town. My predecessor then regretted that his people nominated him for that position.

"As a first class monarch and the chairman of Isin local government council of traditional rulers if I cannot control a chief under me, I am not worthy of being a leader. That is why I had acceded to the request of his people."




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