Security: Hunger, poverty, catalysts for crimes - Kwara governor

Date: 2020-02-14
Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State has identified hunger and poverty as catalysts for crimes, saying they must be addressed headlong by every responsible government.

Speaking at a one-day multi-stakeholder security dialogue in Ilorin on Thursday, the governor also said that social inclusion, youths empowerment, and timely administration of justice are key to fostering peace and development in any society.

"We will definitely continue to give the necessary and complementary logistic support to our security agencies.

However, we believe that security is a broad concept that goes beyond arming the various security agencies or hanging cameras everywhere.

"We feel strongly that securing our society requires inclusion and empowerment of all the segments of our society. It involves guaranteeing social justice for everyone. It involves ensuring that no child is left behind in every developmental agenda. And it involves making sure that the justice system is not unduly slow or deliberately tilted against anyone", he said.

Governor Abdulrazaq, who said the security dialogue was a follow up to a recent security meeting of the governors in the north-central region and security developments in other parts of the country, commended the security agencies and traditional rulers for their efforts to keep peace in Kwara.

He said the administration is introducing social investment programmes to ensure that no one is left behind and guarantee peace and harmony.

"Hunger and poverty are catalysts for crimes and they must be addressed headlong," the governor said, adding that the dialogue had been called to harvest the views of all the stakeholders in the state.

Keynote speakers, Professor Hassan Salihu of the University of Ilorin and Professor Dakas Dakas of the University of Jos, said Kwara is peaceful but must be proactive to respond to security threats nearby and early warning signs.

They commended the government for the security dialogue which they described as timely.

While Dakas called for a regime of accountability, respect for rules of engagement, and more support for the security agencies, Salihu called on the public to see security as a joint project to be owned by all.




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