Elelu-Habeeb Wants Customary Court of Appeal in Kwara

Date: 2012-09-28

The immediate-past Chief Judge of Kwara State, Justice Raliat Elelu-Habeeb, has stressed the need for the State Government to establish a Customary Court of Appeal in the state, saying that it would ensure quick dispensation of justice.

She posited that the creation of the court would cater for appeal cases emanating from area courts.

The retired justice made the call at a Valedictory session held in her honour and to mark the commencement of the 2012/2013 new legal year, held at the Main High Court Complex, Ilorin.

She asserted that the establishment of the court was enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, saying "If the court is established in Kwara State, many cases coming from area courts will be handled by the Customary Court of Appeal.

"You would recall that sometime in 2008, I muted the idea of having the court in the state. This is permissible under the Constitution.

"All law students in the Nigeria Universities read native law and customs as part of their degree courses.

"Cases bordering on land matters, inheritance and family law are mostly within the scope of native law and customs".

The retired chief judge also maintained that the establishment of the court would go a long way in creating job opportunities for kwarans.

She said, "The Government has nothing to lose. Salaries and allowances of the President and Judges of the court will be taken care of by the National Judicial Council, just as it is done in the case of the High Court and the Sharia Court of Appeal".

The Jurist, however, urged her successor to continue to front the advocacy, saying the present administration in the state is a listening and considerate government.


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