'Saraki dynasty in Kwara over'

Date: 2018-09-11

After holding sway in Kwara State for a long period, the end has come for the Saraki dynasty, an aspirant to the state House of Assembly Adewole Adenrele has said.

Mr Adenrele, who is seeking a seat at the state legislature on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), also said the party will clinch the presidency and all elective positions in the state.

Adenrele was speaking to The Nation in Offa, Offa Local Government Area shortly after his declaration of intent at his Balogun/Ojomu ward.

He added that an end has come for the Saraki hegemony in the state.

"There is no champion forever," he said. "It is scriptural that the seed time and harvest will never cease. There is time for everything. The Saraki dynasty leadership style is irritating us as it always deprives Offa of its rights.

"But I have the firm assurance that this time APC will take over all the political posts in the state including the governorship and presidential elections, by the grace of God. The end has come to the Saraki's political hegemony and enslavement."

On his aspiration, the former student union leader said: "I want to use this opportunity as a medium for our youths. I want to go there to challenge our challengers. I want to go there to fight for our rights.

Our old politicians want turn the country to their personal estate. I Want go there to fight for the interest of my community first. Offa is the heartbeat of Kwara State. The community is so endowed, but it is being deprived of its rights.

"Again, I am aspiring to reawaken our youths in this community to stand up for their rights. As personal assistant to an ex-commissioner in the state, I found out that majority of these politicians are there to enrich themselves for the betterment of their children. If we donít wake up from our slumber we might not be able to achieve our goals.

"In addition, all the political determinants of the state are based in Ilorin, the state capital, and the Saraki's dynasty as they are out to corner everything for the emirate and Offa should not be left out.

"At the primaries, we will test our popularity. We don't want to sell our votes. We don't accept imposition as if Kwara politics belongs to one family. I am aspiring to represent Ojomu/Balogun constituency at the state House of Assembly."




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