Shun magic is an act of sin, cleric task Muslims

Date: 2018-07-06

Muslims have been charged to shun practicing of magic adding that it is one of the greatest sins that can led Muslims astray.

This was stated by the Imam of Al-Hikmah University Mosque, Usman Abdulhameed (Abu Rayern) Department of Islamic Studies that magic is not in the religion of Islam and doing all that act will not make one a Muslim rather than moving closer to the wrath of Allah.

The Imam made this at the University mosque during the Juma’at service sermon before the congregational traditional two rakat that no one should put anything before Allah.

“Magic is deceit and those who practice it are enemies of Allah.

Some use Quran for dirty things which are wrong.

“Some magicians can destabilise people’s relationship, family and change the creature of Allah to another. Common sin among those Islamic cleric are magic andof sands, water, among others”

Abu Rayarn urged muslims to stay away from the act of magic adding that those who loves deities aside Allah will face wrath of Allah

“Some use small kids for rituals, some use part of the body for the ritual all in the name of power and fame.

“Those who chants names of demons alongside Allah, they believe in them and desire of the devils .those who demon descend on are those who go against Allah and far away from Allah.

“Magic turns you against the decision of Allah and makes your heart stronger in the devilish act. There is nothing magic can give you but Allah will give you everything in life and hereafter.

Anyone who believes them (magician) have become part of them.”

He said the power Allah gave to one of his messenger, Prophet Sulaiman is not magic but Miracle of Allah

“If you stay with Allah nothing can harm you. The magicians claim that they know something but no one knows anything except Allah.

The Imam stressed that, Muslims should move closer to Allah, observing their five daily prayers,recitation of the Holy Quran, among other good deeds.



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