Date: 2018-06-25


It gives me great pleasure to address leaders and delegates of our great party, as we wind down on the convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which began here yesterday.

Let me salute the patience, forbearance, and spirit of accommodation that has been on display, as we held elections to fill positions in our National Working Committee (NWC) and National Executive Committee.

I salute aspirants who for the common good, had to shelve personal ambition, and stood down for others they were to have contended with. I also salute those who went the whole way, contested, were voted for, and who emerged victorious, or otherwise. Everything was done in an atmosphere of give and take, knowing that in such contest, only one person would ultimately win.

Let the victors be humble in victory, and let those who didn't win be also gallant and gracious in defeat.

We are members of one party, and it is not about winners takes all. Rather, the purpose is to build a party that would put its best foot forward, and serve our country to the best of its ability.

You were all here through the raw weather that persisted from yesterday till today, but you bore it patiently. You persevered through the night, and deep into another day. Thank you very much.

At the end of all proceedings, I believe we have put in place an executive that we all can be proud of, one that would lead our party from victory to victory, from progress to progress, and one that Nigerians can be proud of.

I thank and congratulate members of the immediate past executive, led by His Excellency, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, for their selfless service to our party, and urge them to always lend the wisdom of their experience to the new executive members. Together, we will all build a cohesive party, that will do our country a world of good. As you all return to your destinations, I pray that God almighty will take you safely home.

In our country, not only the labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain.

The labour of the current generation shall also be rewarded. APC will serve Nigeria to the best of our God given abilities, and move our country to its right position in the comity of nations.

Long live APC, long live our great party, long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

God bless.



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