Muslim group faults CAN over Kwara mayhem

Date: 2018-01-04
The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria on Wednesday said more Muslims than Christians were injured during the mayhem that occurred at Taiwo Isale of Ilorin, Kwara State.

Some youths, who were prevented from organising a New Year carnival, had about 2am on Monday attacked worship centres, injuring people and destroying property.

The Kwara State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, during a media briefing by its Chairman, Prof. Timothy Opoola, had said the attackers were Muslim fundamentalists.

Opoola alleged that the said fundamentalists also raped Christian ladies.

But the National Co-ordinator, Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, Ibrahim Abdullahi, in a statement said Quareeb Islamic Association was affected by the attack.

He added that the attackers seized the opportunity of the New Year celebration to wreck havoc on peace-loving worshippers both Muslims and Christians.

He faulted CAN's position on the attack.

He said, "While the Muslims, the Kwara State Police Command and the general public knew and spread the correct version of the incident, CAN, Kwara State branch has continued to spread falsehood aimed at attracting sympathy for its members who were less affected compared to members of Quareeb Islamic Association.

"We commend the Kwara State Police Command for swinging into action immediately to curb the activities of the hoodlums.

"The police that came to the rescue of members of the Quareeb Islamic Association that were similarly affected have the details of the incident in which several members of the Quareeb group were injured when the hoodlums threw some explosive devices at them during their midnight Tahajud prayers.

"It was the police rescue team that took several injured Muslims to the General Hospital, Ilorin, when the incident occurred.

"It is on this basis that we call on religious leaders to stop fanning embers of religious hatred, disunity and confusion as exhibited by Kwara State CAN. What happened was an insult and assault to both religious groups.

"The responsible action that should have been taken was for both CAN and Quareeb leaders to jointly address a press conference to condemn the mayhem, commend the police and call on the government to firm-up arrangements of tight security during all festivals to protect innocent worshippers from irresponsible elements and miscreants."

He said the area that the incident occurred ( Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin) was a place both indigenes and non-indigenes had been co-habiting peacefully with about five churches and several mosques. He noted that no attack on Christians had been witnessed there despite the place being in the heart of the Islamic City of Ilorin.

He called on the police to prosecute those arrested, adding that the trial must be speedily concluded and the guilty punished to serve as a deterrent to others.




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