Saraki Appoints Musa Abdullahi as DG ABS Constituency Office

Date: 2018-01-02

The President of the Senate Dr. Bukola Saraki has approved the appointment of Alhaji Musa Abdulahi as the ?new Director-General of the ABS constituency office.

Speaking today at the handing over ceremony which took place at the constituency office, Olorunsogo, Ilorin, the outgoing DG Hon. Alhaji Abdulwahab Oladimeji Issa enjoined his successor to use his wealth of experience in public offices to serve the people of the district and the state at large.

He stated that the dispensation of the dividends of democracy for which the office was established is the cornerstone of the programmes that the constituency office runs.

Hon. Abdulwahab recalled that today is exactly two years that he assumed office as the DG of Mandate and thanked Dr. Saraki for the numerous successes that were recorded during his time in office including roads, rehabilitation of Agba dam, provision of boreholes, street lights, empowerment to the young and old especially the women and widows.

But by far according to him, the numerous employment and job opportunities that the Senate President brought to the district and the state as a whole was the biggest impact that was recorded as well as the numerous financial assistance that were given to the old and young for social functions and to attend to their health .

Also at the ceremony which had all the Directors and Assistant Directors present, the outgoing DG urged his successor to continue to support the needy and downtrodden.

He specifically thanked Dr. Saraki for the opportunity given him to serve and also appreciated him for new appointments that were given to some of the management staff.

Shortly after the handing over, Alhaji Musa Abdulahi pledged to work with the management and the entire staff to improve the fortune of ABS constituency office He urged them to come up with different ideas to move the office ahead and serve the electorates better.

He also pledged his maximum cooperation to all the departmental heads and promised to be fair in his dealings with all of them and the society at large.

He reiterated that the ABS constituency office is an umbrella body that shall continue to attend to the demands of the people.



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