Man who raped female Unilorin student escapes from police cell

Date: 2017-12-06

The Kwara State police command has explained how an Instagram user who allegedly drugged and raped a female student of the University of Ilorin disappeared from police custody.

Speaking to Punch in Ilorin, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Akayi Okasanmi explained how the suspect was arrested and how he disappeared under their nose.

Okasanmi said the victim whose name is withheld started a relationship with the suspect identified as Asiwaju Micheal after meeting on Instagram.

"We laid a trap for him. He called the lady at about 12.30pm and told her to meet him somewhere. Maybe he sensed that something was amiss. But eventually, we arrested him in a hotel and took him to my office. By that time it was late.

"I asked an officer from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department to take his statement and he confessed. I collected one of his cell phones, searched and found some of the lady's nude pictures in it. We made him to write a statement confirming what he did.

"Later, I left the SCIID officer to watch the suspect, while I went home to dress because we were expecting one of our principal officers from Abuja and we were to receive him at the airport at about 8 am. By the time I returned to the office, the suspect had disappeared. The CID officer told me that he left him in the care of other people. For that reason, the boy defaulted and he is going to face trial," said the PPRO.


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