Abducted Omotosho's mother regains freedom..no ransom paid, says LP chair

Date: 2017-11-12

The abducted mother of the National Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Mrs Elizabeth Omotosho, has regained freedom from captivity.

She was released by her abductors late Friday night, The Herald On Sunday learnt yesterday.

Mrs Omotosho, a septuagenarian, was kidnapped at her residence, Lobalade Area of Tanke, Ilorin last Sunday night by gunmen numbering about four.

This medium had reported that the abductors demanded N100million ransom before the old woman could be released to her family.

The National Chairman of Labour Party, Dr Mike Omotosho, confirmed the release of his mother in a statement issued, a copy of which was extended to The Herald On Sunday yesterday.

When inquired whether any money was paid before the septuagenarian was released by the captors, Omotosho, a former governorship candidate of the Labour Party in the 2015 general elections in Kwara State, said no ransom was paid.

But Omotosho thanked well meaning Nigerians, who stood by the family throughout the period the old woman spent in the kidnappers' den.

"Let me on behalf of the entire Omotosho clan use this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who in one way or another stood with us during the almost 120 hour ordeal.

"We also appreciate the Nigerian security forces and the media for the effective and timely aid. We appreciate all your calls and prayers and pray that none of you ever have to experience such unpleasantness. May the Lord uproot this evil scourge in our society. My mom is well and was not harmed in any way, for that we are eternally grateful.

"The entire episode however reiterate my personal belief in an inclusive society where all our minds are focused on the same vision of greatness. Where all our hands are on deck to move the country forward and protect her interests.

"The time has indeed come to seriously commence the moral education of our youths who have incidentally become pawns in this tragic piece of our historical narrative. But we must first change their experience and gainfully engage them.

"It is indeed not time to cast aspersions or play the blame game for where we have found ourselves as a nation. Our current national reality is totally antithetical to what we had back in the days when each of us was our brothers' keepers regardless of religious or political affiliations and ethnicity.

So, we must engage to redefine that reality and give ourselves a different experience so we can all do better.

"It is time for us to be collectively accountable for the security, peace and progress of Nigeria. It is time to sheath our swords of personal interest, greed and ethnicity, with the understanding that in war, no one comes out unscathed. It is time for my fellow Nigerians to be passionate about rebuilding our ruins. My family and I are grateful to the Lord for this miraculous return of our mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

"This has renewed our vigor in this battle to continue to play our part. We therefore seek your commitment to join hands with us to bring back the Nigeria where peace and justice truly reigns. A Nigeria that provides equal opportunities and social justice. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria", the statement said.

The spokesman of the state police command, DSP Ajayi Okasanmi, said the state commissioner of police, Mr Lawan Ado, would formally brief the public on the rescue of Mrs Elizabeth Omotosho today (Monday).

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