LG election: Kwara PDP protests alleged exclusion

Date: 2017-09-21

No fewer than 100 leaders and members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State on Wednesday thronged the headquarters of Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission in Ilorin .

The Chairman, PDP in Offa LGA, Alhaji Hassan Salami, said they were protesting palpable exclusion from the November 18 local government election in the state.

He alleged that KWASIEC had refused to collect their money for the 12 councillorship candidates and chairman for PDP in Offa.

He argued that if the money was not collected from them, the party would be excluded from the election, adding that such was undemocratic, unjust and unfair.

The Punch correspondent observed many police officers and other law enforcement officials at the scene of the protest to forestall breach to public peace or breakdown of law and order.

Salami said, "Before the dissolution of our executives, we had picked 12 councilors for the 12 wards and we have collected money. We brought the money to the headquarters here so that it could be paid to KWASIEC. They brought the money and said they would not take cash from us and that they will not take transfer from us. The party waded into it. But up till today, they have not taken the money, which means, if care is not taken, we have been excluded from the next election."

Efforts to get the response of KWASIEC Chairman, Uthman Ajidagba, proved abortive as his phone number indicated it was not available.


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