Date: 2017-05-23

Your excellency sir, With honour, I write to call on the quintessential Ag President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to come to the rescue of the good people of kaiama local government of Kwara state. This call has become imperative owing to the endless lies the Kwara State government has been dishing out on the construction of Kaiama-Kishi road.

Sir, without going too deep down Memory Lane, on the 25th of November, 2014,The Governor of Kwara state organised a fiesta he tagged as "flagg off" of Kaiama -Kishi road and opined that the project will gulp up to N8Billion.Just three construction machines were displayed at the event and the name of the construction company is still largely anonymous. This was just some few months before the 2015 General elections. I hope you can connect the dots Sir. Till today the machines are still lying fallow at the venue of the so called "flagg off "ceremony. No motion!

I don't want to bore you with past 'rhetorics' by the State government on the road but will like to bring to your Knowledge the recent claim by the State government that it has spent 500million and the Federal govt has taken over the funding of the construction of the road.

Sir, I don't want to sound rude, but, it's a big-fat-lie. The project as it is today is nothing but a charade.How will the Federal govt take over the funding of a road that in the first place not under construction? The fraudulent claim of expending 500m don't even bother me much, what's disturbing is the deliberate, vicious circle of over politicisation of the road project. It has for long been turned into an electioneering bait to hoodwink people into supporting a suffocating oligarchic political system in the state. This ugly trend must end and the right time to give it a halt is now, under your astute leadership. We crave your indulgence to please unravel all the mysteries behind this road project.

Sir, the Kaiama -Kishi road is a federal road which is just about 64 km in distance. All we want is the Federal govt to take back full possession of the construction of the road.Award the contract to a Construction firm of impeccable track record to ensure a quality job and speedy completion. Sir, the name of your humble self and of course our highly revered President Muhammadu Buhari will be written on the positive side of history of kaiama if this road and other deplorable roads (Kaiama-Kosubosu and Kaiama-Kainji roads) linking kaiama are well constructed to put an end to the age long suffering of our people. May God be your Guide as you take charge of the onerous task of repositioning Nigeria.

And may the Almighty God give President Muhammadu Buhari sound health and safe return to continue the cleansing of Nigeria.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long live Kwara state,

Long live Kaiama local government.

*Abdulmumin Kilishi Na'TaAllah

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