Ex-Kwara governor, Adebayo makes case for true federalism

Date: 2016-10-26

A former Governor of Kwara State, Chief Cornelius Adebayo, has called for a comprehensive restructuring of Nigeria, to a true and functional federal state.

He said that is the only way Nigeria can effectively solve the current economic challenge. He said this in Lagos, during a book reading event to celebrate Ambassador Humphery Orijako on his book titled, "Nigeria: The forsaken road to nationhood and development".

Adebayo noted that everything worked fine when Nigeria was a true federal state, "But since Nigeria became a unitary state, it has not functioned well and has being moving dangerously close to the precipice of a failed nation."

He warned that the alternatives to restructuring may produce unintended injuries to the continued existence of Nigeria.

According to him, restructuring should not bring fear rather, the consequences of refusing to restructure.

He mooted that steps must be taken to address the fundamental concerns of Nigerians who feel marginalised in the scheme of how things are done.

He therefore emulated the author; saying the book has come at the right time the country needs it.

The author, Ambassador Orijakor, noted that the present system of governance in Nigeria will lead neither to the much obsessed about national unity nor the desired economic development and equitably shared prosperity.

He said it is only a true federal system that could lead Nigeria to a stable, strong, united and prosperous nation. This, he said are some of the issues addressed in the book, while urging, leaders to rule in honesty and do what will be of benefit to all Nigerians.


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