Opinion: Personal qualities, By Is'haq Modibbo Kawu

Date: 2014-12-13

And this explains why in many instances, we have become fixated at finding out who has won which nomination, because in the long run, it is the personal qualities of these individuals that speak for them. Let me illustrate with very concrete examples. I have been very delighted that Nasir El-Rufai has finally emerged as the governorship candidate of the APC in Kaduna state. As I have explained here before, Kaduna is one of the three places that I live in.

The state deserves a governor with the intellectual and leadership abilities to lead the fundamental developments to transform it. Kaduna's place in history is such that it deserves the very best in leadership, away from the annoying mediocrity of the moment. I think history beckons on Nasir El-Rufai. It does not matter that he belongs to the APC. I will support his candidacy to the best of my ability so that Kaduna can get the leadership that will drive the development it thoroughly deserves.

On the other hand, the greatest challenge which faces the people of Kwara state, my home state, is how to end the hegemonic control of Bukola Saraki. To that extent, we have a duty to DEFEAT the APC in Kwara state! Another four years of Bukola Saraki (run by subterfuge through AbdulFatah Ahmed),will end in the ruination of Kwara state. The period since 2003, when Bukola Saraki came into power, till date, has witnessed a regime of heist and monumental deception allied with the institution of the Personality Cult of the arrogant, insensitive Bukola Saraki.

When he left power in 2011, he installed a sidekick, AbdulFatah Ahmed (his erstwhile employee at SocieteGenerale Bank), who was also Commissioner for Finance for most of Bukola Saraki's years as governor. An ordinarily nice person, but AbdulFatah Ahmed, was content to play Man Friday all through his governorship since 2011, allowing Bukola Saraki to sit atop the resources of our state and wielding the power of selection, firing, reinstating and ridiculing individuals in positions as befits his fancy!

In that elaborate process of deception, the people have been at the receiving end of pains and anguish. Just one example: billions of naira has been spent allegedly to give us water in Ilorin. Yet, water is what we donít have in that city.It is amazing that all the individuals responsible for controversial water contracts from the period of military dictatorship are all in cahoots in the Kwara State APC (Muhammed Sha'aba Lafiagi; Khalil Bolaji; Bukola Saraki and Abdul Fatah Ahmed!). Consequently, people are looking towards the PDP for the emergence of the candidate that will sweep away the elaborate regime of heist, deception and Bukola Saraki's hegemonic Personality Cult in place since 2003! The party labels in Kaduna and Kwara are similar but the outcomes we desire in the two locations are different. That is the nature of contemporary politics.

Yet despite this situation, there are certain indecencies that are unacceptable in the political process. An example of such indecency came last week, when Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, was reported to have expressed fears over President Goodluck Jonathanís safety. The reason for his fear was that "the opposition politicians could go all out to kill the president in order to be in power". Chief Clark added that ďrecent statementsĒ from opposition chieftains of the APC, suggest "that they would stop at nothing to harm the president to get to the seat of power...If they have their way, they can kill Jonathan, they can poison him, provided they will go into office..."


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