OPINION: For his acquittal at the CCB, I say congratulations. By Sheriff Olanrewaju.

Date: 2017-06-24
Oftentimes, I feel I have no reason to celebrate or take side with Nigerian politicians, and I have always restricted myself from doing so except in situations where I could convince Bob Dylan who urged men not to criticize what they can't understand, that I may not make the imbecilic mistake to tag all at the helm of affairs as mere monsters.

While many condemned my solidarity article for the Senate President when he was arraigned years back, I felt compelled to also condemn him like a few other writers did, but I hardly get madden by media propaganda until I had taken time to measure their tendentious views by inches; that I may not later end up swallowing my unjust and rash condemnation.

Some social critics have played as consequential a role in the politically motivated case as dragging the name of the Senate President through the mire, mainly to massage the ego of the powers that be. In Freudian terms, they remained trapped in their 'Oedipus complex', never giving up in their blindness and hate-inspired allegations.

Mind you, this is not to exonerate the Senate President on the charges levelled against him; but it is absolutely unfair to nail a man without substantial prove that he is indeed guilty.

Another thing I found completely discomforting was the timing of the said case; only an ardent hater would refuse to admit that it indeed had a raucous political undertone; and it can be deduced as a reaction to the political dissatisfaction that trailed the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly.

Though, discrepancies or embezzlement suspicion should be considered pivotal in the fight against corruption but the place of rights and fairness must never be trampled upon provided the real issue is not shrouded with the garb of cherry-picking and witch-hunting.

I hereby extend my warm congratulations to the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki for his acquittal at the CCB.

Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims.

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